Tom has been in a terrible car accident. After four months of recovering from his injuries, he starts the long process of putting his life back together again. He returns to his job at a logistics company. He goes to a therapist to help deal with the emotional aftermath of the accident, including his inability to get back into a car. He buys a bicycle so that he can commute to work on the train instead. 

Tom meets Aaron on the train. Aaron is a handsome and gregarious guy who has a love for connecting with people. The two hit it off. They like each other. It has been a while since Tom has had a friend. It feels good. 

Therapy begins to focus on his wife, Beth, who died in the car accident. After her death, Tom discovered that she had been having an affair. Left with grief and resentment, Tom becomes obsessed with finding the man his wife was sleeping with. 

Aaron rides the train because he too was recently in a car accident. He had been drinking when he sideswiped a couple at an intersection. The woman was killed. His high-priced lawyer got him out of trouble, but couldn’t relieve him of his guilt. He didn’t get a very good look at the man in the crumpled car, but through the blood in his eyes, Tom got a good look at him. And now Tom knows which train he takes. 

Tom and Aaron’s meeting was no accident. Tom’s been watching and learning about Aaron for a long time. He knows all about him. He knows that Aaron is a lawyer, like his wife Beth. He also knows that Aaron’s wife is a therapist who specializes in helping people after traumatic events, just like the therapist he’s seeing now. Beth and Aaron’s firms shared a few clients. They knew the same people. They must have known each other before the accident. 

She was killed right after she tried to end her affair and she knew the man who killed her. How could that be a coincidence? 

Could Aaron be the guy? Could the same man that killed Tom’s wife also be the man she was sleeping with? Was it an accident or murder? Tom thinks murder. Could he be wrong?

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